The Bodyguard: Were Costner and Houston Secretly in Love?

Written By

Dara Singh

Costner handpicked Houston for the role despite her lack of acting experience, suggesting he saw something special in her. 

Their on-screen chemistry was electric, leading to rumors about an off-screen attraction.

Costner was very protective of Houston on set, like a man falling for a woman. 

Houston's rendition of "I Will Always Love You" took on deeper meaning if directed at Costner.

Costner's touching eulogy for Houston hinted at intimate knowledge of her insecurities.

Costner looked distraught at Houston's funeral, like a man grieving a lost love.

The pair remained close after filming ended, suggestive of unfinished business.

Houston's marriage to Bobby Brown soon after making the movie could have been an attempt to bury her feelings for Costner.

Costner was reportedly one of the only people able to get Houston into rehab, implying a special connection.

Did Houston leave a piece of her heart in Costner's hands during The Bodyguard filming? Their bond suggests so.

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