Saddle Up for Kevin Costner's Epic 2-Part Western "Horizon"

Written By

Dara Singh

Horizon is Kevin Costner's first western in over 15 years, since Open Range in 2003.

The film is split into two 2-hour parts, totaling over 4 hours of runtime.

Horizon follows a multi-generational story about the expansion of the American West after the Civil War.

Costner plays a retired cavalry officer who gets pulled back into action.

The star-studded cast includes Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Horizon was filmed on location in Utah over 92 days. Its budget was around $60 million.

Director Roger Michell describes the film as an "intimate epic" about pioneers and Native Americans.

The sweeping story spans 15 years from post-Civil War America to the closing of the frontier.