Leo and Dimitri Spill: Destroying Nicole's Life on Days of Our Lives

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 Leo and Dimitri are out for revenge against Nicole

 Leo and Dimitri are out for revenge against Nicole

They will fabricate evidence framing Nicole for embezzlement at Basic Black

Leo and Dimitri's next target is Nicole's career

Actor Greg Rikaart says he loves playing an evil, manipulative character like Leo

Leo enjoys being the villain

Actor Peter Porte says Dimitri starts to feel guilty about destroying Nicole's life

Dimitri develops a conscience

Rikaart says Leo won't stop until Nicole fully pays for her perceived wrongs

Leo remains laser-focused on vengeance

Porte believes Dimitri's misgivings about their plans will create distance between them

Leo and Dimitri's relationship frays

He hints at a big, dramatic confrontation between Leo, Dimitri and Nicole

Rikaart teases an 'explosive' climax

Porte warns the fallout from Leo and Dimitri's schemes will change lives forever

Showdown leads to 'permanent damage'